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Here you can find all current vacant job offers from GoGoSend OÜ. In case none of them suits your needs there are lots of other job offers in GoWorkaBit for a day or week.
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Current job offers by GoGoSend OÜ

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What are small workbits?

Here you'll find workbits where companies need assistance for shorter tasks. Maybe they have a special event coming up, someone got ill or something that's not part of their own employees' daily tasks needs to be done. These workbits last for a day or two and are at most a week long

Thu, 13. May
Tule internetipoodide lattu tellimusi pakkima! Liivalao 11, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia 08.00 - 16.00 40.00 EUR
5.00 EUR/h
What are job offers?

Here you'll find job offers where the employer is looking for permanent employee

Job offer Address Salary
Project work: Warehouse management system (Ongoing WMS) implementation Liivalao 11, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia by agreement
KOGEMUSTEGA LAOTÖÖTAJAD ning tähtajalised suvepuhkuste asendajad Liivalao 11, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia 5.50 - 6.95 EUR/h