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Estonian-English-Russian Data Labeller

We are seeking a detail-oriented Data Labeller who will accurately label data according to our instructions.

The labeller should be fluent in Estonian, English and Russian and will play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and quality of our data sets. The ideal candidate will have excellent attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions effectively and is fluent in the languages listed.

The work can be done 100% remotely.
If you are located in Tallinn we can provide you with a computer, but otherwise you'll need a computer and stable internet connection to complete the work.

Importants skills :
- Data labelling
- Attention to detail
- Following instructions
- Fluent in Estonian, English and Russian

Work will start ASAP. This is a small-sized project with an expected duration of around 20-40 hours.
You can choose your own working hours but we would need the work to be done within this period.
We perform a background check on the candidate selected for the job.

The expertise level required for this position is entry-level.